How to talk your girl into giving you a BJ?

If you like when girls suck your dick, you need to explain this to your girlfriend because it’s really an important part of our sexual games.

Though most of the girls like giving head these days, there’s a certain number of renegades. But don’t lose your heart. Here’s what you can do.

1. Watch some porn together

You can safely say that almost any movies with sex will contain some scenes for BJ and cunni. Thus, your sweetheart will see that it’s not your thoughts, but the widely accepted practice.

2. Make baby steps

Don’t ask your companion to do the half-hour session. Just ask her to play with your dick for 10 second right during the coitus. Gradually, she’ll actually start loving these mini-sessions.

3. Buy some flavored lubes

These work really great coz it’s tasty for your girl, making her want to taste a new lube as soon as possible!

As you can see, in addition to just talking about this stuff, you can gradually entangle your gf into oral sex. And this might actually work better because there won’t be any grounds for confrontation and arguments.