Do you want to get more BJs?

Thought most women today are pretty open to oral sex, there are some hold-outs who think that it’s gross and degrading.

We know that it’s not, but confronting them openly might backfire big time with your girl actually getting deeper into her shell.

What to do instead?

First, watch some sex free movies together. You will surely see that cunni and felatio are an integral part of the coitus experiences for many couples around the world.

Second, make sure that you clean your area down there squeaky clean. Take the shower together and show her that you take hygiene seriously.

Third, go down on her first. Give her some good cunni, making her cum just working the fingers and tongue. If you do this a couple of times, she will most def start thinking that maybe she can also try doing some oral sex as well.

In addition, you can buy some sex toys to make it more fun her while she sucks your dick, like vibrators or bullets. And flavored oral lubricants are a cool thing to try out! You’ll communicate to her that you want to have her a fun and pleasant time too.