How to make your girlfriend give you head?

In this day and age, oral sex is a norm. Everybody does it. People love getting cunni and BJ, and it’s hard to imagine a girl who would not be OK with giving a BJ to her boyfriend.

But if you have found yourself in such a situation, you can take some actions in order to correct this situation. Try to be very suave and avoid directly confronting the sweetheart about it!

Things to do

First, buy some oral lubricants with flavors. Though it might sound silly, your gf will actually appreciate your attention to her and her pleasures. There’s a lot of various flavors, such as watermelon, vanilla, cherry and more.

Second, watch some movies with sex. Her unwillingness to suck your dick might result from outdated notions that oral sex is dangerous, degrading and boring.

She will gradually realise that all couples she watches on the screen do oral sex. And she will see that both girls and guys love it a lot.

Third, buy your girl a vibrator. Ask her to sit on it, while she works your rod. This is a great tack for those couples who like BDSM-tinted games.