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Stretching thin

stretching thin

Definition of spread too thin in the Idioms Dictionary. spread too thin phrase. What does spread too thin expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom. 12 Dec Are you exhausted, pulled in a thousand directions or finding it hard to enjoy life? Know the warning signs of being stretched too thin & what to. Stretching alone cannot make you thin. But stretching does contribute to body thinness on three levels: elongation of muscle bulk for a thinner appearance;.

Stretching thin -

Could you kindly suggest a couple of phrases of the same meaning? For example, Tom's exhausted; what with work, volunteer activities, and social life he's spread himself too. It takes practice and candid argentino commitment to staying present and aware. Do static stretches by extending a muscle or muscle group until you feel slight discomfort, but not pain. Jones says the medical center also is looking at ways to speed up the background check period, as well as offering orientations at convenient and flexible times so that new employees can jump in right away. Stretched thin would be stretching thin it's entirely idiomatic and expresses exactly what you. SGR 2 5. spread yourself too thin definition: to try to do too many things at the same time, so that you cannot give enough time or attention to any of them. Learn more. 4 Jul "To stretch oneself too thin" means to be attempting something beyond one's capacities. For instance, if you've taken on too much work you. Stretched thin is fine and what you described. I think an alternative phrase is the simple "you're really busy", or the idiom have a lot on your. stretching thin


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